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Basic & Synthetic Chemicals, Pvt. Ltd.was founded on 18th. March,1949 under their registered brand name "Basynth"the company started purification of mineral acids and some organic solvents.The brand get enormous acceptance all over the country.During the process of purification vacuum was applied at different stages of operation.We use to apply our own hand to repair and rectify these vacuum pumps. While doing this we manage to grasp the technology behind it.Thus our journey in the field of vacuum technology thus began."Basynth" brand High Vacuum Products have found wide acceptance in the scientific and industrial world for itís superior quality and craftsmanship. "Basynth" is one of the oldest existing brand in the Indian scientific trade.


Laboratory Chemicals:


"Basynth" Laboratory Chemicals are subject to rigorous analytical control.These are processed and packed under controlled condition."Basynth" Laboratory Chemicals are available as Laboratory Reagent Grade(L.R.), Analytical Reagent Grade (A.R.),Electronic Grade (E.L.),Dry Solvents, Quality Conforming to I.P., Diagnostic and synthetically prepared chemicals as per customerís specification.All chemicals are tested as per highest international standard of purity.We are ready to solicit Distributors in unrepresented areas.For price and other terms & conditions of business please feel free in writing to us.

For Di-ethyl Ether in bulk we offer attractive price in 500ml.,2.5lit.,25lit. and 200lit. packing, incase of other organic solvents, mineral acids and inorganic and organic salts we launch special offers from time to time. We therefore request all who are interested to be in touch with us to avail the advantage.




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